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Citysex trial chat

Zachary, now 19, is in jail awaiting sentencing for five pictures his teenage girlfriend sent him of herself in her underwear.

Eventually Zachary and the dragon-lover struck up a online friendship, which developed into a online romance.

"Obviously if you raise awareness then you're likely to have more testing take place," said Oickle.

"And I think that part of that promotion strategy that's working as well is the information we give people that for many STIs they may not have symptoms.

So people are becoming more aware of what to do and are going for testing even if they don't have symptoms." However, Oickle adds, in terms of Gonorrhea, all of Ontario is currently experiencing an increase in positive tests. "There's been fluctuation over the last 10 years but we're now seeing this unexplained increase all over the province and we're really not quite sure what's causing it." As for Syphilis, Oickle said the fluctuation isn't enough to be statistically significant but confirmed there has been a slight increase -- but not anything too out of the ordinary.

The best way for OPH to address the increases, said Oickle, is to keep up the awareness campaigning that has proven to be tried, tested and true.

The two 13-year-olds started skyping Zachary together.

"And we want to continue to offer as many options as we can for people." Something is on the rise in Ottawa and it's not the heat.

"We have noticed a steady increase in infections like Chlamydia," said Pam Oickle, manager of the Healthy Sexuality and Risk Reduction program with Ottawa Public Health.

"But the good news is that all three -- Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis -- are bacterial infections so they are treatable." Oickle said the increase in numbers can be due to the fact more people are becoming aware and are now more willing to get tested, even if they don't show symptoms.

That’s according to information provided by Zachary’s parents, as well as an evaluation with Zachary conducted by a psychologist.

Zachary is incredibly smart, according to the psychologist, though socially awkward and emotionally immature.

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PIC is a dark, warm cafe standing between a couple of windows.

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