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Consolidating school districts pa

We don't want your troubled city kids out here in our county schools.Why do you think we moved out to the county in the first place? “And some of them were far worse.”Another guy pulled Badams aside at a hockey game and said city students might be met with guns at the town line. The majority of Erie’s public school students live in poverty, and disproportionate numbers of them have learning disabilities or are just learning English.The consolidation plan still leaves at least another million to cut.Music, physical education, sports — even full-day kindergarten — are on the table.“Anything that could be considered extra has to be considered, and our board faces some really grim choices,” Badams said.The building changes, he said, would save the district at least million and help eliminate a projected million budget deficit in 2017-18. The 11,500-student Erie School District started to plan for sweeping changes on Tuesday, a day after the state Department of Education denied the district's plan, which asked for .8 million in additional annual state aid.

School districts with very small enrollments are actually quite common across the country.

In the last seven years, the district has closed three elementary schools, cut 350 jobs and pared back arts, foreign language and shop classes.

Even after all that, Polito told the crowd, the district was facing a million budget shortfall.“If we don’t take action to balance our budget this year, we run the real risk of running out cash in May or June of 2018, which means we’re not going to be able to pay our vendors and we’re not going to be able to pay our employees,” he said.

'Island' School Districts: A Story of Haves and Have Nots Total School Districts, Student Enrollment by State and Metro Area Why Schools Resist Consolidating Do Cities Actually Save Money When They Merge?

Cook County, Ill., has nearly 150 elementary and high school districts.

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Additionally, evidence continues to build demonstrating the advantages of small schools in attaining higher levels of student achievement.