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"So, I really felt a connection to her while wearing that thinking, 'wow, she made this with her own hands and now I'm wearing it,' and I felt that that was a really special one sort of between us, even though I had never met her," said Dejno.The Victorian era is defined as the years from 1837 until 1901 as this was the time in which Queen Victoria ruled England."My great-grandmother was actually a seamstress, and she made her own wedding dress. It was her wedding gift from her employer was that they gave her the fabric and they let her use her work time to make it," said Dejno. They had descended the glacier from the great inland plateau on which is the Pole.

Society viewed courtship as a career move for men and a woman’s way of securing her position in life and security for her children. Captain Scott and his last two companions died, it is believed, on the 29th of March, 1912. Scott, the famous Antarctic explorer, and four other members of the British South Polar Expedition have died amidst the Southern ice. They had reached the Pole on January 18, 1912, just over a month after Captain Amundsen, the Norwegian, and had struggled far back towards safety when they were overcome.Typical 1910s Automobile: Image courtesy of Philip Van Doren, A Pictorial History of the Automobile, 1953.The automobile in the image below demonstrates the use of the one-man canopy top.

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