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Most intimidating entrance music

When his handler propped a Mexican sombrero on his head, Mayweather adjusted it with his gloves and walked out stone-faced adorned in a robe with the colors of the Mexican flag, while superstar 50 Cent walked alongside him rapping “Straight to the Bank.” Mayweather then proceeded to make taco meat out of De la Hoya during the fight.

The sombrero was an idea inspired by his uncle, Roger Mayweather, who used it during ring entrances against Mexican fighters in his heyday as a boxer.

Some look to intimidate while others pick something that is reflective of their personality. Roy Nelson: Weird Al Yankovic – “Fat”" data-reactid="16"10.

Roy Nelson: Weird Al Yankovic – “Fat”When you think of a UFC fighter, you don’t think of a body type that resembles the one Roy Nelson has.

If you were a professional boxer, and you wanted to get energized and intimidate your opponent at the same time, what song would you want to play upon your entrance?

I pick AC/DC~Walk All Over You Which is tied with Tom Waits~Lowdown but.....

w=768&h=479 768w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" / Some complain about the advance of thumping, recorded music into baseball stadiums — once the exclusive domain of organ grinders.

The weigh-in ceremony, the ring entrance, and the pre-fight face-to-face transmogrify the brutality of the ring into a Hollywood-style narrative of two titans, two half-gods, locked in glorious battle.

But please put your real, one song answer first, and make it obvious. Geto Boys - Still Back up in your ass with the reurection Is the group harder than an erection That shows more affection They wanna ban us on capital hill Cause its die muthafuckas, die muthafuckas All along [still] it was the geto, nothing but the geto Takin short steps one foot at a time and keep my head low And never let go Cause if I let go, then Ill be spineless Im goin insane!

I think my mind just goes outta control And judge your subjects muthafuckas read about I touch on the shit that they be leavin out I seen this muthafuckas .9 smokin I seen the same ***** with the .9 die with his eyes open And simply what this means is He didnt know that every dog had his day Until he seen his I bet you muthafuckas will too Because its die muthafucka, die muthafucka still fool die muthafuckas, die muthafuckas still fool die muthafuckas, die muthafuckas still [i think its something in the water man, its just Gotta be in the water] Awwww fuck!

Some fighters just want to get the walk over with so they pick something and make their way to the cage.

But then there are those fighters who put a lot of thought into the songs they choose and how the make their entrance.

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So instead of everyone else making fun of him, Nelson has poked fun at himself by walking out to Weird Al Yankovic’s “Fat.” But laugh all you want, if that right hand lands, you’re going to sleep.